Dark Net @ Google



a computer network with restricted access that is used chiefly for illegal peer-to-peer file sharing.


Thats what Google.com says if you write this words in. But its not all that. Dark Net is more. It isn´t just a place for illegal peer-to-peer file sharing. At last file sharing P2P do do over the TOR Network (and that is what the so-called Dark Net use) is quiet stupid. The TOR Network is depending on the structure of de-centralized  much more slow than the normal internet. Dowloading and P2P sharing will be 3-6 times slower.

The Dark Net at now is a place for independent publishing and free speech. Is the part of online information network where everyone can do what they want.It means it in good and also bad ways. We all hear often about fraudulence activities, drug or weapons selling. Not forget when it comes to talk about Dark Net it comes to CP, also known as Child Porn.

Unfortunately all that is present, but not all over the Dark Net. It may be 20%. Its too much, but the Dark Net has a open spource structure. Many Websites and Search Engines don´t support these illegal activities. Everyone, and that means EVERYONE, can comment and rate Websites as fraudulent and illegal. Groups of Hackers, including ANONYMOUS  try to take down this fraudulence and illegal websites.

Government and investigating forces tracking this websites as well. They trace the servers and take them down, even arrest the criminials that runs the server and publish the websites.

Most of the services are websites that shares informations, underground informations, free speech, forums, blogs, ebooks. New at Dark Net is a uprising amount of PORN Websites. Not all are bad, some only serves special interests that are banned or not like to be seen from the society. Feet Lovers, Diaper Fans, Sexdoll Enthusiasts or Guys that spread the own semen over print out pictures of famous ladies. Here in the Dark Net they get a new home.