Anna is sad

Anna is sad – Do you want a gift?

Anna is sad (Onion Links)

It is not surprising that in the deep web there are strange or disturbing sites that try to damage the sensitivity of the viewer, but this is not the case. Anna is sad is a very simple page that has many communities that are trying to find their meaning.

Anna is sad, is a page created under a simple premise and at first glance does not seem very impressive. However, this has attracted the attention of its visitors, the page is with titles in large letters. Also the name of Anna is sad represents an anime gif. The character is crying and a sad background music is heard.

This is the screenshot of the page of “Anna is sad” in the deep web, If you can see it well ask for a donation anonymously and it also tells you that you will receive a gift.

What is the gift after the donation?

Some cybernautas think that the “gift” that is obtained once the donation is made is something sexual, pictures of a girl. On the other hand, some people indicate that it is “something wonderful”. The most correct theory is about a girl who in exchange for donations, sends her naked pictures in order to survive. Although this is a simple theory. If you send a message to your email asking the reason of the page that receives the following message:

“People like you make me sad”

Anna is sad will be an FBI trap?

Anna is sad FBI (Onion Links)

The FBI’s computer security department contains many of the best hackers. They work with specialists to catch pedophiles and any other group of disturbed people. They create false websites trying to deceive people who are perverted and to have them watched.

Why is it in the deep web? Because it is related to adult content?

It draws attention as it is written the name, because it seems that it refers more to a few acronyms than a name, some believe that due to the name is a PRO-anorexia page.

However expert hackers claim that the page is hosted on a computer. Use a PC as a server, which makes the website visible, when you navigate with the TOR browser. When the computer is turned off, the website will be deactivated.

The funny thing is that ANNA Is Sad is always active !!

This is the URL in the deep web of ANNA is sad